About Us

Our Mission
Siyakhathala aims to improve the lives of children in the township of Khayelitsha who find themselves victims of neglect, violence, abuse, and even rape by bringing hope through catering to their basic educational, emotional, and psychological needs.

Our Vision
To improve the current situations of children within the townships so that their future maybe be prosperous and full of opportunities.

About Us

          Siyakhathala was formed in October of 2008 and registered as a nonprofit in May of 2009. The founder, Nontsasa Nyovane, who was an orphan herself, started Siyakhathala in hopes to give back to the children within her community of Khayelitsha who come from harsh backgrounds. These children include victims of abuse, neglect, and even rape. They live in extremely poverty stricken townships within the community of Khayelitsha and often live within child-headed households without suitable guardianship. Due to the overwhelming increase in the number of these vulnerable children, it is necessary to identify the ones in need of the most help.

          Children are identified through recommendations from school faculty, community members, and family friends. Then, Nontsasa carries out home visits to assess their current situation at home and in school. Once a child is identified as having unstable living situations, they are added into Siyakhathala’s program. The program provides after-school educational programs, counseling, and weekly meals. Siyakhathala also focuses on raising awareness and educating children in schools about HIV/ AIDS, TB, and teenage pregnancy.

          Siyakhathala partners with 8 schools in the community to help 150 children in Khayelitsha through their after school program and 400 during their holiday program in July.  However, because of a limited amount of funds, Nontsasa cannot care for all of the children who are in need. With more funding, Siyakhathala can take more children under their wing providing a safe and nurturing place for these children to grow and have opportunities to succeed.

Our Founder
Nontsasa Nyovane




Contact Us

Office: (021) 839-5310
Mobile: (083) 342-6459

Email: siyakhathalaorphans@gmail.com

56 Nqawu Street
Khayelitsha, WC, 7784
South Africa