Due to the growing population of vulnerable children within Khayelitsha, Siyakhathala must receive a steady amount of funds in order to keep up with the needs of the children. Currently, Siyakhathala receives funds from four contracted organizations for a limited amount of time which provides some stability, but it is not enough to keep up with the growing numbers. Without Siyakhathala, may of these children would be on the street, with no where to go and no one to care for them. Siyakhathala provides support throughout these children’s lives, so once they have become of age, they may succeed in life outside of the township. Many of Siyakhathala’s children have gone on to university studies and become mentors for the younger children. Siyakhathala is not only a sanctuary for these children, it is their home and their family. Anything you give helps these children and the wonderful people working for this organization. 100% of donations given through this site go straight to Siyakhathala to use for their after school programs and more.

With your help, these children can be given the opportunities and potential they deserve. “Ithemba kwabange nathemba” means “Hope for those without hope” in Xhosa, the common language within Khayelitsha. This is exactly what Siyakhathala gives to these children… hope. Please consider generously donating to our mission of supporting these children.

From the bottom of our hearts,
We thank you,

Donations Provide:

  • weekly meals

  • staff training

  • educational equipment

  • holiday program/camp

  • Home/school visits

  • facility development


What your donation goes to:

Donations go to helping provide proper educational services and facilities to the children of Siyakhathala. Currently, Siyakhathala’s operation is located on the grounds of a local primary school, Kuyasa. This means they do not have the means to grow and support more children because there is not enough space in the classrooms and the current kitchen is too small to provide enough food for the growing amount of children. Nontsasa’s goal is to be able to move out of the primary school grounds and have their own facility for the children. This will allow Siyakhathala to take in more children to care for and provide large infrastructure to support the increase in children. Donations also help fund the annual holiday programs and activities put on for the children of the community, and provide the resources needed to do proper home visits and risk assessments. Without your help, Siyakhathala cannot grow to fit the developing number of children in need within these townships.